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WordPress fix Media Upload http error

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by pamjasperx, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. pamjasperx


    Media Upload http error, by pamjasperx

    Two pdfs were created in MS excel of two different spreadsheets on the same computer minutes apart. Both were emailed to the admin for posting on the website. One uploaded perfectly using the Media Manager. The other yielded an http error. From reading other posts, I can rule out issues with local network and I have verified that the pdfs had identical permissions. Renaming the files did not help. I verified with other files that uploads were working fine except for this file.
    HTTPS was enabled on this site a few weeks ago. Media uploads of this nature have been done hundreds of times without issues.
    I did obtain the original excel spreadsheet from which I created a new pdf to replace the one which would not upload. I did and it uploaded fine. I also used the plugin add media from server and it worked fine on the balky file.
    Within a few minutes I tried uploading the problem file and it appears to work. I can no longer reproduce the problem. My host is HostGator shared and Sucuri is running on the site. This is a really strange problem in that it appears and disappears randomly. With a work around, it may not be easy or worth it to solve but it could take the fun out of CMS for most of our content providers.

    Media Upload http error

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