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WordPress fix Lower picture quality only when published/previewing post

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by fooddoodles, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. fooddoodles


    Lower picture quality only when published/previewing post, by fooddoodles

    Hi all! I’m having a strange problem today. A little bit of background, I haven’t posted on my blog in quite a while and have gotten a new computer in the meantime(and software including Lightroom) so there are lots of variables and I can’t pinpoint what the problem is. I’m trying to publish a new post. I edit my photos in lightroom and export them for web then upload to my post. When I’m editing the post they look just as they did in lightroom, then when I preview the post the picture looks terrible! It gets darker, washed out and grainy looking. I’ve tried publishing the picture in the bottom of another post to test the quality and it’s just as bad when published as it is in preview. I’m using the newest version of Chrome when this problem occurs and have tried other browsers and the quality of the picture is as good as it is in Lightroom. I’ve even tried it on Chrome on my tablet and the quality is perfect. I’m not sure if this is a WordPress problem, Chrome problem or what. Any help is appreciated!

    Lower picture quality only when published/previewing post

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