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WordPress fix Lots of weird caching problems with W3 Total Cache and Cloudflare. Redirects etc

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by thedonquixotic, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. thedonquixotic


    Lots of weird caching problems with W3 Total Cache and Cloudflare. Redirects etc, by thedonquixotic

    Okay so I’m having a bunch of problems and I think they’re basically all centered around my use of w3 Total Cache plugin and the cloudflare CDN.

    Problems I’m having:

    JS and CSS won’t concat–

    — I’m using the W3 minification and concat tools to smush all my JS and CSS into a fewer number of files.

    It was working, but now it’s not… and I’m not sure why. I’ve flushed the cache on the general settings board, I’ve flushed the cache from the Cloudflare extensions page, I’ve flushed the cache from the Cloudflare website, and I’ve flushed the cache from my Dreamhost web panel, but nothing things to be changing anything.

    I’ve got all the settings set up for it, but … no avail. It’s still loading the jquery 1.2.4, migrate, and my header prod script separately. It isn’t minifying things but it’s not combining them as it should.

    And the fact that it’s cached is making it really hard to troubleshoot.

    CSS front end styles are being applied to my admin panel —–

    —- The CSS used for my front end is somehow being applied to my backend. I can’t hunt down the issue properly because it seems my JS and CSS maps are confusing the chrome tools when I try to pin point where the extra styles are coming from or why they’re being loaded into my backend.

    I am using a program called Tiny MCE Custom Styles, and it does have the ability to apply changes to the front and backend of WP but it does so only in the context of the Tiny MCE, and furthermore it only does this to things you specify in the “shared-styles” css file. However, in this case it seems to be doing it for all styles or something.

    Too many HTTP redirects popping up ——

    I just contacted my host provider to see why my account didn’t have proper access to editing my htaccess file, because the one created by the chat tech yesterday was readonly and therefore couldn’t be changed by w3TC on my system. So he reverted stuff back to the old HTACCESS which contains the things that it is supposed to from w3TC and it appears W3TC can now edit the htaccess file BUT I’m now also getting far too many redirects according to pingdom.com

    So I ssh into my htaccess and I deleted what I thought was the redirect stuff. Basically just the default wordpress stuff. I’ve got https and WWW enforced on my website (HTTPS because it’s the standard now and WWW because it’s required by Cloudflare CDN for some reason). I flushed the cache. Pingdom is still reporting issues.

    Again that could just be some lag time from the CDN or something but it’s very hard to diagnose this issue with these caching services. I’m pulling out my hair and thinking about just trying to find some other way to deal with this stuff.

    My website isn’t even really loading all that slow, but I want to make sure I get at least a 90 on my google page speed insights etc. And the faster the website the better for sure either way.

    Lots of weird caching problems with W3 Total Cache and Cloudflare. Redirects etc

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