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WordPress fix Locked out of my site

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by bdk437, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. bdk437


    Locked out of my site, by bdk437

    Not sure what version I have. Always updated it… I hired someone years back to setup my site so Im not very experienced but Im in trouble now because I can not get in and Blue Host can not help.
    My trouble started when I noticed Jetpack sending 2 emails everyday at almost the same time. One said your site is slow and the next 10 minutes later said Im back up. I went into my site to the Security page and found a list of errors with a ‘fix it’ next to each one. I went down the list and fixed everything. Then my problems really started. Jetpack was sending many emails a day. Next thing I know Im locked out and can’t change password. Box just shakes.
    Bluehost tried to help and found one backup and installed it. Still can’t get in. I use Backup Buddy and have a few more old backups but can’t access them. My site still comes up but can not get in… I think I need to take a class on WordPress…
    Can someone direct me or help me fix my issue?

    Locked out of my site

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