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WordPress fix Load 13.000 values with dropdown field

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by grace foolery, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. grace foolery


    Load 13.000 values with dropdown field, by grace foolery

    Hi guys, I hope that section is correct.

    I am working on a website that sells vehicle parts. The customer wants that all his products could be filtered through the spare part category AND car model. Obviously there are 13.000+ different unique models. Now, I used different filter product plugins but the result is WHITE PAGE (after 13/15 seconds of loading) that appears each time that the site load the model dropdown field because with only category dropdown field active goes ok.

    In your opinion, could wordpress loads 13.000+ variables in one dropdown field? with 8.000 variables it works, also with 9.000 but when I load 10.000-+ variables the loading returns WHITE PAGE.

    thanks in advance.

    I use a clean version of wordpress 4.9.2 with the last WooCommerce plugin. To filter results I tried WooF Products Filter, 2 different Ajax Filter plugins (obviously one by one) but the problem appears only when I active the model field so I suppose it’s a wordpress problem…

    Load 13.000 values with dropdown field

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