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WordPress fix Listing Posts or plugins freezes Backend

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by georg6840tb, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. georg6840tb


    Listing Posts or plugins freezes Backend, by georg6840tb

    Hello, i have some strange error on my site. I use Firefox 58.0.2 on win7 and WordPress 4.9.4. Frontend worked fine. When i logged in backend, it worked quick. But when i try to list my posts or plugins, sometimes backend freezes until timeout. Or – without timeout – it es impossible to log out. Sometimes backend freezes, when i try to display one post of the list. But when i make a new login about 10 minutes later, all worked fine, also listing of posts or plugins is ok. But when i make a login after a view hours later, the issue appears sometimes and sometimes not. I have rebuilt the htaccess-file, replaced wp-admin and wp-includes with fresh downloaded files, checked and optimized database. I use a staging-site of my production-site, and on this copy the issue never appeared. All worked fine everytime. Could it be a problem with the hosting-provider? The staging-site ist safed on an other server than the production-site. Could it be an wp-object-cashing error? I don´t use any other cashing-plugins. Because of the random issue, it is hard to find e reason for this issue. What shall i do?

    Listing Posts or plugins freezes Backend

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