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WordPress fix Keep getting Failure Notice when trying to upload theme

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by dbsitenew, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. dbsitenew


    Keep getting Failure Notice when trying to upload theme, by dbsitenew


    Not sure what is happening but I think it is a memory issue when uploading a theme zip folder. Note: the zipped theme folder has a file size of 33.2MB.

    1. I was about half way through creating a website when I added in an image, saved the php webpage, and tried to upload the full theme folder only to get a failure notice…are you sure you want to do this

    2. When I take the image back out the theme then it uploads fine, so then I tried converting the image in tinypng, added it back in and this time the theme uploaded fine.

    3. So, I’m presuming this could be:
    A. Image corruption problem – so I reset Photoshop preferences,
    created a new image to upload to the web page, rezipped the theme folder and tried uploading it again – and still got the failure notice.
    Further to this when I tried using a small image file direct from the web the theme again uploaded fine with no failure notice – but when I tried a large web image file I got the failure notice.

    B. A memory problem, which I presume is the issue ?

    4. Thinking it was indeed a memory problem I cleared out my online wordpress themes file – there was six themes there (five my own, one default) and tried uploading the new theme folder after again adding an image but still I am getting the failure notice.

    Would increasing my WordPress memory limit help in this case ? I am a bit nervous going at the core wp files so would prefer to avoid but if it’s the only solution ?

    If this is a memory issue, is it about the upload memory capacity, not the memory size of my online WordPress themes folder ?

    Or is it something else that’s happening here.

    Can anyone help me on this, any ideas?

    PS. I can email via wetransfer the zip file if anyone needs to check anything in it.



    Keep getting Failure Notice when trying to upload theme

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