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WordPress fix Issues with departments ( URL ) and making sub category in portfolio

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by remimolinero, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. remimolinero


    Issues with departments ( URL ) and making sub category in portfolio, by remimolinero

    Hi there,
    I would like to apologize in advance for my english, it’s not my native language. Thanks

    I would like to get some help or at least an explanation about the “departments” in wordpress.
    I can’t get the point of those things and i would like to do what i wanna do without them.

    it’s pretty simple :

    I’m photographer, i got this wordpress site and there is a “work” section, with 4 galleries: Landscapes / Portraits / Decay / Exhibition
    Some of these are “on her own” like the Decay one for instance. When you click on it, you got directly a page with the pics.

    But for some of the others i would like to create “sub galleries” I mean for example, when you click on landscapes i would like to get to a new page with some galleries named for instance : Europe / Asia / Africa / etc….

    The only way i’ve succesfully done this is using the “departments” thing
    But there is some issues

    First, when i add a departments to one of my primary galleries, it does move them. I mean the order on the display changes. it’s just about how it looks but it is important for me. Exemple : If the order is like this : Portrait / Landscape / exhibitions
    And then i add landscape to a departments in order to make some “sub galleries”
    The order changes and become Landscape / Portrait / Exhibitions
    I don’t want that.

    And the bigger and real problem is the second one :
    The url of my work page on the website is like this : http://www.site.com/work/
    there you get a page with the 4 galleries. And if you click for instance on portraits you got : http://www.site.com/work/portraits

    But if i put landscape on departments i got this shitty url : http://www.site.com/work/departments/landscapes with my page with my sub galleries
    If i click on one of these i get http://www.site.com/work/landscapes/peru for instance
    And that’s totaly fine because the freakin departments thing is not appearing
    But why it does appear before ? and how can i remove this ? i don’t wanna see this “departments” in URL

    If it’s not possible i would love to know how can i make sub galleries without using those departments things.

    I precise that I have zero knowledge about HTML or any other code so… but i would love to learn if it’s not possible to fix my problem using the settings in wordpress.

    Thanks so much for the helps, and sorry again for my english.

    Issues with departments ( URL ) and making sub category in portfolio

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