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WordPress fix Is there a picture caption fix for 4.9 yet?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by manvantara777, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. manvantara777


    Is there a picture caption fix for 4.9 yet?, by manvantara777

    Since I updated to 4.9, many pictures throughout my website have lost their right/left justify status and have ended up centered with the caption spreading out the width of the page. I suspect the problem might be with “Media: Use max-width for default captions (#33981)” that I saw in one of 4.9’s updates.

    I am surprised that I cannot find much about this topic except for one other post on the forums. I would have thought it affected everyone? As it is, its an intolerable situation as it has created a chaotic and amateurish look to my website that took many hours of crafting to get right.

    My web guy did a temporary CSS fix and reduced the margins a bit for the pics but they still look clumsy and out of whack. Can anyone tell me when there will be a fix for this or if there is one already? He also said:

    “There is now a requirement to set a maximum width for the captions, there didn’t used to be. I’ve aded a quick CSS fix which has put the bulk of images back as they should be, but I would like to make a more precise bit of code that sets the width to fit each image – I’m sure some ingenious coder will share that before too long as I’m sure this has affected many, many sites.”

    I have also lost my email sign up form for subscribers, can anyone tell me if there is fix for that also?

    Is there a picture caption fix for 4.9 yet?

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