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WordPress fix Immediate step(s) after SSL upgrade?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by seriouswpcues, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. seriouswpcues


    Immediate step(s) after SSL upgrade?, by seriouswpcues

    i’m considering soon ordering an SSL for my domain/website where I have a WP site, and just really nervous about this SSL upgrade. I am afraid that my WP site will not load immediately after the web-host finishes installing the SSL. And I’m also concerned that the SSL installation will finish, I will attempt to change the http:// to https:// , and then all of a sudden, the plugin either doesn’t work, or for some reason, my site just does not load. So, after my hosts finishes installing the SSL on my website, do I need to immediately log-in to my WordPress Admin Panel at


    and do the change that this article says:


    On the part of the page that says, “Configuring WordPress for SSL/HTTPS”? Do I need to do that first, and then secondly, also, run a plugin like “better search replace” to change all of the http://example.com to https://example.com in my site? Do I need to do both of these steps? In what order should I do them?

    Also, how will I be able to login at my https://example.com/wp-admin like normal, if my website is going to be down after the SSL activation is complete since, at that point, I will have not made any http://example.com to https://exmaple.com changes yet? Will I be able to access my admin panel to do these two steps?

    Immediate step(s) after SSL upgrade?

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