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WordPress fix image container or lining up images

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by drwelduk, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. drwelduk


    image container or lining up images, by drwelduk


    I’m trying to make the images in my site line up somewhat, so at least the ‘add to basket’ button is lined up across the page. Or even put the images in a container that’s a fixed size irrespective of what size the product image is.

    The way I would like is some kind of invisible container that has the image inside it and the page buttons are lined up on that container and not the edges of the image.

    I have zero knowledge of CSS and I am using the Woocommerce Storefront theme.

    A good example of the problem can be found on this page https://drweld.co.uk/product-category/welding/mig-welding/mig-torches-consumables/binzel-style-mb15/

    I’m sure I could probably resize all the images in image manipulation software but that seems like a long-winded way to solve this issue.

    image container or lining up images

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