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WordPress fix I’ve inherited a mess

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Tina, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Tina


    I’ve inherited a mess, by Tina

    I don’t know what version of WP is currently on it and it’s acting really weird.

    My husband’s work has a WP website that apparently someone installed, set up, then ignored. As far as I know, no one maintained it. So it probably was left in-updated for years. Then recently they realized the site was down so they had to dig around to find login info.

    Someone finally found their hosting info and I am hearing he logged in and updated some things, but the site still was down and they want my help to fix it.

    I got in there last night to take a look…poked around in files via cpanel and confirmed there is a WP install. Changed the name of the plugins folder and got the site to show.

    Couldn’t get in since I didn’t know a WP login, so I googled and found out how to change the password via MyPHP and was finally able to log into WP.

    BUT, here’s the weird part…There’s almost NOTHING on the dashboard! I’ve had problems getting into sites before and had the whole changing the plugins (or themes) directory name work before…but never have I had the dashboard look like this! Obviously something is very messed up with the install.

    The only links in the dashboard are “dashboard” and “profile”.

    Nothing to work with! I can’t update anything if I can’t access it! I don’t know much about working on this stuff via cpanel.

    Now here’s the really weird part…

    I think I narrowed down the problem plugin…it’s a custom login plugin. By going through and only changing the name of each individual plugin directory (vs the “plugins” directory…I found that only changing that plugin made the site show again.

    BUT…with just that custom login plugin’s directory name changed…the site shows and the login page shows…but as soon as I actually login, everything’s broken again! What the hell??

    I’m waiting to hear back from the guy who recently updated some things, to find out if anything he can tell me will give me any clues…

    But it’s looking to me like we need to delete everything and start from scratch, it’s so broken. Plus they could have been hacked in all that time, and that could be the problem, I suppose…

    But I don’t want to lose anything important. I know the name of the theme…and the names of the plugins they used…basically default ones…and I can take screen shots, I suppose, to try to recreate the info and how it’s configured…and download the images…but is there something easier I’m missing?

    Any ideas for me?

    I’ve inherited a mess

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