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WordPress fix Hyperlinks not appearing in blog posts

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by americanculturepodcast, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. americanculturepodcast


    Hyperlinks not appearing in blog posts, by americanculturepodcast

    My hyperlinks are not showing up within my posts on the front/main page of the website:


    They appear in the visual editor for the post. They appear in the text editor for the posts. They even show up when you view the post preview and the permalink page containing the post:


    But on the front page of the website, the hyperlinks do not appear. I thought it might have been the theme I was using (Hueman) so I installed another theme (Nisarg), but same problem. I have used different browsers to view the web page, including my mobile phone, same issue. Very frustrating.

    I contacted the help desk at my hosting service (InMotion), and they ran it up to they’re Tier 2 problem solvers. In the end, they said this:

    We weren’t able to isolate any particular reason this is happening. We’ve confirmed that the website doesn’t have any glaring configuration issues, the plugins aren’t responsible, and we’ve tried swapping themes. Beyond that, this might actually be an issue with WordPress itsself. Unfortunately, that’s about the extent to which I can troubleshoot this. I’d recommend checking WordPress.org’s Support forums at https://wordpress.org/support/ – you’re probably not the only person having this issue.

    I’ve searched the forums, and didn’t see anyone else with this issue. Any help will be most appreciated!

    Hyperlinks not appearing in blog posts

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