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WordPress fix HUGE problem with my blog: it’s gone

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by lilianlopezcamberos, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. lilianlopezcamberos


    HUGE problem with my blog: it’s gone, by lilianlopezcamberos

    Hello, this happened and it’s been a NIGHTMARE. Please, happy engineers, help a girl out.

    I have this blog http://www.laotraisla.com, which I pay every year. My next payment is due November 26, so I don’t understand what the hell happened.

    One day, I type my blog address and it’s COMPLETELY GONE, is not appearing online, nor doest it let me access my desk. Whenever I typed my address, it would say -in Spanish- Error al establecer una conexión con la base de datos, which would be something like: Error trying to maintain a connection with the date base.

    I get worried and panicked, and not realizing I have my blog hosted in .org, I e-mail .com

    Why is it different?

    Anyway, they reply:

    “Checking into your account information, I found that the domain, laotraisla.com, is not set at the primary domain for your site. This is why the site will not show up when you use that link, but it will show up when you use your WordPress link here: https://laotraisla.wordpress.com/

    Please click on Domains on the left panel and click on laotraisla.com. You’ll see on the right side a button that says “Make Primary”.
    Here is a quicklink for you: https://wordpress.com/domains/manage/laotraisla.com/edit/laotraisla.wordpress.com
    You can see how this looks here: https://cloudup.com/cpBPb68OFtE

    Press the “Make Primary” button to map to your WordPress site again.

    Please let us know if you still experience difficulties after doing the above.”

    So I do, and it takes me back to POSTS FROM 2012, back when I registered and it was for free.

    I replied to them the following:

    I did as you instructed and the only thing it does is changing the address to laotraisla.com, but my main problem -and I’m reaaaaally worried- is that ALL OF MY POSTS are gone. As you can see, the latest post you see now is from 2012, back when I registered in WordPress and wrote a couple of posts for free, but then I changed to the domain which I pay every year. What happened to my posts? I have hundred of posts from 2012 to this day. It’s really weird since last year I failed to pay on time and they took down my blog, but then I paid the recuperation fee and everything went back to normal. Now, my next payment is due November 26, so I don’t understand why all of this happened. Please help me, since it’s my work, texts that I’ve written over the years that are very personal and also somewhat read by some people, so this is like a nightmare.

    Again, they say:

    “Based on the error message you’re describing about the database and now that your site is showing old posts, I suspect you had another site with another provider. Do you recall working with any other companies on your site?

    It sounds like there’s an issue with that site, but somehow the domain name was pointed back to WordPress.com which is why you’re seeing any old posts. If you can look through old receipts and see if you have anything from a company other than WordPress.com it may help us track down what’s going on exactly.”

    I reply:

    I pay to WordPress directly, I’ve never paid another company for the domain. I will forward you my latest receipt, dated February 10 2017,

    Receipt ID: 22108295
    Transaction ID: ch_19liQyAEuzoIBr94QWPyRov5

    I’m starting to panic. I actually noticed another blog by a friend with the same problem: http://www.donrul.com Don’t know if he’s written you yet or where’s het at, but it seems its a bigger problem within WordPress.

    Please tell me I’ll recuperate my posts. I’ll die if I don’t.

    Them again:

    “I’m wondering if part of the confusion here may be between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com sites are hosted and run completely through WordPress.com. We do all the updates, maintenance and hosting here. WordPress.org sites run a version of WordPress hosted on a hosting company’s servers. You are responsible for maintaining and updating those sites. Popular hosts include BlueHost and Pressable.

    Thought your domain has been registered with us since 2011 I don’t see a record of a post written with us since 2012. Do you think you could have had your site mapped to a WordPress.org site with another host?

    I see in your history with us that when you’ve had trouble with domain renewal like this you’ve contacted us before about missing posts. We’ve sent you information on the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org: http://support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/ that seems to help you each time.

    How have you accessed your blog in the past? Is there a specific link that you go to for posting? That might help figure out where your site has been hosted since your posts haven’t been on WordPress.com”

    Then I sent another mail, but since I realized this is .org, I guess I’m asking for your help. Just what the hell happened? What can I do?

    My log-in is http://laotraisla.com/wp-admin/


    HUGE problem with my blog: it’s gone

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