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WordPress fix https links related to specific plugin failing to get loaded

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by xprt007, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. xprt007


    https links related to specific plugin failing to get loaded, by xprt007

    Hi there

    I recently changed hosts … all was OK with 2 sites, both running among others a specific web directory plugin. I then changed from http to https. All initially looked OK. Now links related to the directory plugin, although they work normally on the site itself, if accessed via search engine results, there seems to be a problem with loading them. Over a week now, people cannot access the specific directory links from search engine generated traffic!

    I was running both sites under http for a couple of years with no problem. I have never had similar issues after testing copies of the same sites on other hosts. I was forced to change the web host a couple of weeks back. All links functioned normally, with no issue. After noticing the new host offers an easy way to use free https, I decided to take advantage of this.

    I was told in Google Webmasters Forums one needs to re-submit the sitemaps since the url had changed. I submitted the exact sitemaps, also to Bing.

    After a short time, as the https pages started getting adopted, I was happy with the change UNTIL, I noted somehow something was wrong with the web directory related links. I at first thought the issue might be with Statcounter since I always check there to see visitor activity. It was showing all guests visited “mysite.com/directory/?” although, there is no such a page. That’s also what I reported to plugin support and was advised to check with that plugin.

    I then noticed that if you checked with Google, and then Bing & Yahoo with site: mysite.com/ & more specifically for site: mysite.com/directory ALL links on both sites, in search results generated by WordPress + other plugins EXCEPT sabai directory worked as expected. The server seems to have a problem loading most if not all & ends up only loading site.com/directory/?.

    You will note that the reported problems ONLY affect directory-related links, if you search Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ask for site: mysite.com/. Only links with site: mysite.com/directory get in the process of loading, somehow re-directed to mysite.com/directory/?

    I have links generated by other plugins like recipepress reloaded, bbpress, buddypress, none of them was affected by the change.

    How then can one explain this? It’d be easier to know where to look if all links on the site where affected, or only Google search results were affected but not other search engines may be.

    Is it possible, that a server only has problems with loading links related to a specific plugin?

    The web directory developer tells me the plugin has no problem with https and in fact their site uses it and does not suggest anything to do.

    The directory links if clicked directly on the sites load. If one clicks a search engine result link, it seems to fail to load the correct url. How is this possible?

    The perplexing thing is, I primarily get traffic for both sites via those search engines. So what happens if all these clicks on links, somehow fail to get loaded and only end on this page mysite.com/directory/? … ? It’s over a week that I have been getting no traffic from search engines to the directories!

    A new problem shown here in screenshot https://postimg.org/image/s1zri29jh/:

    As you can see in this screenshot from Google Webmaster Tools, https://postimg.org/image/s1zri29jh/, these urls lead to 500 server error in Chrome & a blank page in Firefox, if you randomly click any of them. Around 18th march, I re-submitted sitemaps to multiple search engines. There’s a separate issue mentioned above of search engine results related to the directory leading to a wrong url site.com/diretory/?, which has affected almost all search engine generated traffic for about a week.

    Now the 500 server error alert from Google webmasters tools of what appears to be exclusively <b>tabbed directory listing links urls …

    This is all very confusing and perplexing. Who does one consult for such an issue?

    Where could the problem be and how do i solve the 2 issues? I would not like to go back to http …


    https links related to specific plugin failing to get loaded

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