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WordPress fix How will changing Timezone affect existing posts?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by azurajia, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. azurajia


    How will changing Timezone affect existing posts?, by azurajia

    Hi there,

    Say, I have this post published at 4am, on 28 Oct 2017, with my timezone set to UTC+0. If I later change my timezone to UTC+8, and edit this post and update it, leave the publish time unchanged, does that mean the publish time in fact WILL CHANGE to 4am 1 Jan 2011 in UTC+8 timezone (so that’s in fact 8pm 27 Oct 2017 in UTC+0)? Or maybe WordPress will memorize the timezone I set when first publishing the post (UTC+0)? Or maybe it only memories the time and date I put in there, and processes it in a irrelevant way to timezone setting or something?

    Published date seems by default always display 28 Oct 2017 though, no matter to me or to visitors, no matter what timezone I change my WordPress into or what timezone my visitors are in. (I changed the timezone of my computer and browsered as a visitor, the date didn’t appear to change. What date does u guys see?) I’m just a bit confused and curious about how switching timezone will affect existing posts in a deeper level… if there is any.

    As far as I know, switching timezone can affect scheduled publish, but will it effect existing posts in some way, either to the owner of the site or to the visitors?

    Thanks! :)

    How will changing Timezone affect existing posts?

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