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WordPress fix how to make this kind of estimation form ?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by lebrun213, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. lebrun213


    how to make this kind of estimation form ?, by lebrun213


    i am currently developing a website on wordpress and while browsing the internet, i found another wordpress website that got an almost perfect (to me) way of making customers check what product they need, at which price and even take appointment.

    so i already made my own cost calculator but it s cr*ap compared to this one.

    the problem i have is that i couldnt find what plugin are used to make this cost calculator, adress here

    using google developper mod, i saw that this website is made with DMS (document management plugin) and also contact form 7, but it doesnt look i could get the same result using these two plugin on my own website.

    i have a freaking idea how is DMS linked to an estimation form and google couldnt find any answer to me.

    can you tell if it’s actually possible to do it, if not, what other plugin might have been used to make it ?

    i am definately not trying to do a copy pasta of someone else website but i would just like to be sure to have the same tool to make my own website.

    thanks if anyone care enough to help, i have been stuck on this particular point for hours now ..

    how to make this kind of estimation form ?

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