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WordPress fix How to limit characters in post preview?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by ghostwriter89, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. ghostwriter89


    How to limit characters in post preview?, by ghostwriter89

    Hello! I can’t even use the search function in the forum because I don’t know how to call what I’m trying to do.

    My latest post has a preview that is too long. I would rather have only the first sentence and let users click on, continue reading, because it looks really silly right now.

    Maybe if they could see the picture of the beach, the title and first sentence, 我們的故事在海邊貝殼裡被聽見
    在台灣的某方,那個我多希望我可以書寫出它中文名稱的地方…… 一道陽光射入我們搭建在海邊的帳篷。

    followed by, Continue Reading, it would be perfect! How can I do this?

    Right now it shows you like 2/3 of the entire post, lol!

    How to limit characters in post preview?

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