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WordPress fix How to Import POSTS ONLY

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by webmistressofthedark, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. webmistressofthedark


    How to Import POSTS ONLY, by webmistressofthedark

    I may have done the most stupid thing ever.

    I set up a new wordpress and created many pages including a home page with a nice slider.

    The old site was flat coded, but had WORDPRESS POSTS ONLY under a link.

    I probably did this backward, but I am hoping not.

    Can I just now import the DB from those posts or will it erase all the work I’ve done to set up the pages for the rest of the site?

    I wanted to do massive reorg on the categories so I was saving importing those posts for last, never realizing it might erase everything I’ve done new and thus should have at least been imported FIRST.

    Please tell me I’m not screwed and that these new pages will stay when I import the old posts (there are no pages, just categories and posts, thousands of them)

    I have saved all the new pages in raw format, including raw verbiage and links so I can easily recreate, but I’m sick over the time spent.

    How to Import POSTS ONLY

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