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WordPress fix How to hide wordpress info in source code

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by udhaya1708, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. udhaya1708


    How to hide wordpress info in source code, by udhaya1708

    Hi, guys
    How to hide wordpress versions, themes, plugins, directories & paths in page source code. I regulary update wp versions, plugins, themes, core files.
    So, i am new to run an website. So, i dont know how to hide.
    And hackers may hack my site with these security holes. I already searched in google but there is no any perfect solution to hide them. They only said install hide plugins to secure the site.

    But, plugins are not updateing regularly to the current wordpress versions, & if they not updateing the plugins for years, then i will get into trouble.
    So, i dont want plugins to hide them, and
    I want to hide with any scripts types to add in config or directory files to hide them. Any way to hide them via scripts. Please suggest me.
    Pleasekindly help me.
    Advance thanks for help & sorry for my bad conversation.

    How to hide wordpress info in source code

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