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WordPress fix How to display this shortcode correctly?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by lucyediblecaketoppers, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. lucyediblecaketoppers


    How to display this shortcode correctly?, by lucyediblecaketoppers

    Hi there I installed a plugin to show ‘product of the day’ I need to use the shortcode for the plugin to display the plugin on my home page rather than use a widget it says in the plugin docs to use the shortcode:

    [br_products_of_day] and it’s not displaying how do these bit’s into the shortcode as per instructions? Will that then make it display correctly at the moment it’s just showing the text [br_products_of_day]. Sorry if the question sounds dumb newbie!

    The instructions with the shortcode are as follows:


    title – any text that you whant for title
    products_count – count of products to display
    random –
    type – types of widget:
    default – like products on your shop
    slider – products in slider
    count_line – products count per line or per slide for sliders type
    thumbnails – display product thumbnails
    add_to_cart – display add to cart button after products
    quick_view – display Quick View button ( only if plugin WooCommerce Product Preview installed and activated )
    hide_outofstock – hide products, that out of stock

    How to display this shortcode correctly?

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