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WordPress fix How can I fix php.widget error warnings when previewing themes?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by mth1, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. mth1


    How can I fix php.widget error warnings when previewing themes?, by mth1

    Hi there, I have attempted to clean my dashboard of all previous plugins installed and website pages built with a purchased wordpress theme because a child theme plugin I was using/misusing ended up clashing with it. However, now that I have reinstalled plugins and reinstalled my purchased theme to start clean, some aspects of the layouts from said deleted pages are still appearing by default on creating a new page (i.e. the header with image background and all the nonreponsive site layout problems along with it). Curiously, my dashboard says there are no pages but there is still 1 page (All)/ 1 page (private). I can’t find anything in my dashboard to delete this permanently as possibly this is what is retaining these older layouts/elements? This time I have installed and activated a basic child theme created by the designer of premium theme I am using, but the same problem has carried over into this child theme as well. Not sure if this is related, but when previewing child themes (except for twenty seventeen) I also get list of warning about widget.php function problems at the top of my dashboard and in the customiser itself above the header area. Sometimes depending on the the child theme preview it didn’t let me proceed to the customiser – just the url with the list of php warnings. This only went away once I activated it in the premium theme. The only other exceptions to this was when looking at child theme previews was the twenty seventeen preview and one other one I can’t remember. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    How can I fix php.widget error warnings when previewing themes?

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