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WordPress fix Hostgator Malware Report

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by j4yw4lk, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. j4yw4lk


    Hostgator Malware Report, by j4yw4lk

    Site is down and it get the same Hostgator issue when accessing the wp-admin
    Please help and thank you.

    They say I have to remove the malware on these paths…
    Reported Content:

    837 /home1/bhcclub/public_html/qbqigqee.php
    828 /home1/bhcclub/public_html/djgsk.php
    696 /home1/bhcclub/public_html/dezadds.php
    672 /home1/bhcclub/public_html/zdutbiv.php
    669 /home1/bhcclub/public_html/jtgvxbrod.php
    667 /home1/bhcclub/public_html/qsabyqx.php
    664 /home1/bhcclub/public_html/cmnbf.php
    580 /home1/bhcclub/public_html/wohp.php
    580 /home1/bhcclub/public_html/oljwapw.php
    578 /home1/bhcclub/public_html/yeausmny.php

    Hostgator Malware Report

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