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WordPress fix Home Page Stuck on A Deleted Page – Won’t Update

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by cgerdmann, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. cgerdmann


    Home Page Stuck on A Deleted Page – Won’t Update, by cgerdmann

    I created a page that I selected as my static home page with a maintenance message on it while I updated my website. I decided to “go live” today and deleted the message off the home page, activated a slider and promo boxes, as well as got my shop all situated. I would click on my visit site button, and it would bring me to my site where I could see all the updates I was making. I decided to switch to my phone to make sure everything was working fine on that end, and without being logged onto WordPress, it still shows my static maintenance message. I deleted that page and created a new page. No change. I changed it to not having a static page. No change. I deactivated and deleted all the plugins that I had installed. No change. I even activated a new theme, and the other pages changed over, but my homepage was STILL in the other theme. I deleted my cached browser history. No change. I’m going crazy. What is happening?? Whenever I’m logged into WordPress, it shows the correct site, whenever I log out, it shows the maintenance page I deleted. I don’t understand…

    Home Page Stuck on A Deleted Page – Won’t Update

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