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WordPress fix HELP ! Cant access my website at all

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by dddpearson, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. dddpearson


    HELP ! Cant access my website at all, by dddpearson

    Hello Guys,

    Im very new to all this so apologise if my explanation isnt very clear,

    I run my own football coaching business with the website being http://www.football.a-2-p.co.uk which has been working fine and ive been able to edit, change theme etc. Ive just recently signed up to a new booking system called Omnify, where i installed thier plugin in order for customers to book via my website.

    When i logged on last night it said there was an update which i then did, once it installed its immediately went to a screen saying; Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /home/a2pco/public_html_football/wp-content/plugins/omnify-widget/admin/class-omnify-widget-admin.php on line 296

    I contacted omnify immediately and they said; So I checked in with the tech guys, and one of the many reasons this might be happening is because of the incompatibility with the server PHP version. So your server’s PHP version needs an upgrade to >5.6. Can you please do that and try this again?

    After a quick chat they adivsed me to download a FTP to disable the Plugin which i did but was unable to log in using a FTP programme, since ive tried to log in via a FTP site my website has no server, when i try to access my website from front or back end it says server cant be found.

    Can anyone help me get my website back up and running please, would appreciate any help that can be given.


    HELP ! Cant access my website at all

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