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WordPress fix Having problems bringing the website live

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by armandosunpowered, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. armandosunpowered


    Having problems bringing the website live, by armandosunpowered

    I hope I’m not going to mix up terminology when opening this thread. I’m learning what hosting, domain, web hosting are all about in these weeks.
    I built the website on new.neighborhoodsun.solar/community on wordpress, hosted by godaddy. Today I should have soft launched it, turning off the old http://www.neighborhoodsun.solar (hosted by weebly) and turning on the new http://www.neighborhoodsun.solar (in godaddy within their cpanel).
    Godaddy CS has at first helped, but have pointed the new website under the directory /community, which I didn’t want. I could see the website live at http://www.neighborhoodsun.solar/community after 50 minutes.
    So I called them back and they helped me having it cloned in installatron, without the directory /community. This happened before 3 pm EST, and they said it usually takes an hour or so. Almost 7 hours later I still see the DNS error “www.neighborhoodsun.solar’s server DNS address could not be found”. The person over the phone told me to make sure all files where transferred correctly within wordpress, or something like that. I don’t know what it means but from their end it seems it’s all fine.
    How would I know if I haven’t done something correctly within wordpress, or in another platform? What is that I am missing? Thank you for all!

    Having problems bringing the website live

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