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WordPress fix Hacked, Lost and Ready to Give Up

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by cherman99, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. cherman99


    Hacked, Lost and Ready to Give Up, by cherman99

    Hello, I dont know where else to turn. I had a website http://www.willrunfor.com that was hosted on HostGator. Apparently it was hacked. They told me what files to remove from where and I did so twice. Third time they said it had to be professionally cleaned.

    Being basically a personal blog that has generated zero income I thought to switch hosting accounts (now have a Yahoo hosting account) and that I would upload the pages and photos to a new server with new passwords and no old plugins or themes which I read was were vulnerability existed.

    I’m not a web guy. I’m not dumb but by no means would be a webmaster. Which is why I originally went with a WordPress blog. I was super proud of the basic site I had. I had no idea that “pages” were all database driven and couldn’t simply be downloaded and moved like 15 years ago.

    I read tons of info on how to move the files and importing the database, etc. And have spent HOURS UPON HOURS trying. I’m about ready to quit. Since nothing worked my Yahoo hosting account is clean and I deleted everything I tried.

    I still have cpanel access to the old HostGator account. I don’t know what to do, have no money to pay someone to do it, so this is my Thanksgiving Hail Mary.

    If I could just get my pages and posts out of there I don’t even care if I use wordpress on the new server…

    Anyone? :/

    [email protected]

    Hacked, Lost and Ready to Give Up

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