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WordPress fix Google Verification works on one site but not another

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Godlovitch, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. Godlovitch


    Google Verification works on one site but not another, by Godlovitch

    I have recently had trouble with Google verification of my site zeromost.byethost4.com (also known as: postfestum.byethost4.com). I have tried all the suggested methods with uploading the Google HTML file and using the plugin ‘google-site-verification-using-meta-tag’ (recommended by a specialist on the Google Forum). I was not able to verify it using Google Analytics nor with the WordPress Jetpack.
    This might not have been so unusual had I not also been able to verify my other site: hardlynatural.byethost7.com. But I was able to verify that site with no problem.
    After many efforts by the Google Forum expert, it was suggested that the problem was likely on the side of the host: byethost.com. I wrote to them and was told that:
    “Only regular browser useragents are permitted to access free hosting with JS enabled, cURL would be blocked.”
    That seems to have explained at least one blockage, but not the other. It’s not clear whether they allow only one verifiable site on their free sites offer.
    I wonder if anyone else has had similar issues with verification and whether there might be another host without this restriction. I use free sites because my material isn’t commercial and has proven to be of interest to a few of my friends and about 20 people a year.

    Google Verification works on one site but not another

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