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WordPress fix Google not picking up articles think xml site error

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by seasideman, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. seasideman


    Google not picking up articles think xml site error, by seasideman

    Hi, i have a couple of problems with my site. I had a guy working on it but they have seemed to have caused problems. I wanted them to update the site but they decided to start from scratch.

    problem 1. They have installed yoast xml but i am not sure it is set up right as none of my articles are showing up in google. a couple of pages from the site are showing up but only a couple and none of my new posts. I have put in google site:headlineplus.com and none of the articles are showing

    problem 2 I have set up google webmaster for the site and i have it under http://www.headlineplus.com but the site is set up as headlineplus.com. when i tried to change the site to http://www.headlineplus.com some of the plugins stopped working so i had to change it back. When i do fetch in google webmaster it comes up with redirect. also i was expecting some crawl errors to come up but none have.

    problem 3. google does not seem to be indexing my site which i think could be associated with problem 1

    if anyone could help with any of these problems it would help me a lot. thank you

    Google not picking up articles think xml site error

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