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WordPress fix Google issue with URLs

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by ihtiaddaithi, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. ihtiaddaithi


    Google issue with URLs, by ihtiaddaithi

    I respect that this is most likely not a WP issue.

    As you can see the above site uses http at the moment.

    • However,

    for some reason google is show a search result for ‘Julianna Gonzales’ with a https. I have contacted Google to see if they can say why this is happening.

    The site owner does not want to pay for an SSL cert with her hosts and I feel that if I change the site urls to https sooner or later an error message will be generated because there is no SSL cert.

    I have checked through the site, settings, media urls in pages/posts, config, database, etc and everything I see is just http://juliannagonzales.ie/ – even media uploads.

    Now I thought that I would just check and see if there is a way to run a test on my plugins to see if one of them might be generating the https?

    Any help grateful for any assistance.

    Google issue with URLs

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