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WordPress fix General Settings options.php not found

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by rcristof, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. rcristof


    General Settings options.php not found, by rcristof


    I found a few people with the same problem on Google and also here at WordPress forum, however the few solutions provided did not work for me.

    Every time I try to save my modifications at Setting (General, Writing, Reading, etc), it says options.php not found. Here a few things I have tried:

    *Disable plugins to see if any of those were the problem
    *Downloaded locally to reproduce the error; couldn’t finish the installation because of a problem at wp_options table
    *Verified Console for problems; no errors

    I also checked the files I have at wp-admin folder in my FTP-server and I couldn’t find options.php (maybe this is the problems?!?) but I did find the other files as options-general.php, options-head.php, options-media.php, etc. The only options.php file I have is at wp-admin\includes.

    I’ll keep looking for an answer, but hope someone here can give me a hand.

    Thanks in advance!

    General Settings options.php not found

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