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WordPress fix Gaming League

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by xenoclix, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. xenoclix


    Gaming League, by xenoclix

    Would like to know if WP can do the following with help from plugins and or some coding afterwards.

    Short summary i want to make a gaming league/ladder/tournament for pl ayers and or tournaments.

    I want to have it go like this.

    User registers themself on our site as a “player” and when he finishes he can remain as just a player to enter player ladders (1v1 etc) and or create a team at the same time.

    This will in turn list themselves on our database players list and now on the team list.

    As a team you can add players to the team if you wish to or have players apply.

    From there i wish as admin now create a league/ladder and or tournament and now let players and or teams said league.

    That was my first question.

    Now when teams in the ladder or player ladder are there and its up and running i want it so you can challenge eachother from the screen and setup a time/day/etc etc for the match. After the match i want it so the match report has to be done by the team captains to accept the results or dispute it. After the win and or loss would be listed on the ladder page with points gained or lost.

    Is there anything like that or is that too advanced for what i am looking for?

    Thanks so much

    Gaming League

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