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WordPress fix Front End Upload to Customer Page

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by cheribomb, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. cheribomb


    Front End Upload to Customer Page, by cheribomb

    Hi All

    I’ve searched high and low for this answer and I’m hoping that I’m just being dumb and not seeing the forest for the trees.

    I am building a site that is for all intents and purposes an online shopping mall.
    Each store will have it’s own page. The page is build in wordpress as a page (not a post)

    I want to allow my subscribers to upload content about their stores via a front end page (including conten timage and video) and have it create a new page that is held for approval so we can review, ensure that the subscription is valid and fix any errors.

    I have found a number of solutions that will work for POSTS, not PAGES. My question is so silly i’m almost embarrassed to type it:

    Is a Page also a post, or is only a post a post?
    Does anyone have any recommendations of a plugin that could possibly do this? The page is bespoke with custom sections for different kinds of content.

    thanks so much if you read this far. haha.

    Front End Upload to Customer Page

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