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WordPress fix Failed to load plugin for multiple urls

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by campermania, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. campermania


    Failed to load plugin for multiple urls, by campermania

    When creating or opening messages in WordPress 4.9.5, I get the following warning:
    Failed to load plugin url: http://www.no-mad.nl/wp-content/plugins/cpo-companion/assets/js/shortcodes-tinymce.js

    In another message I get:
    Failed to load plugin url: http://www.no-mad.nl/wp-content/plugins/modula-best-grid-gallery/admin/scripts/editor-plugin.js

    Yet another message gives:
    Failed to load plugin url: http://www.no-mad.nl/wp-content/plugins/kiwi-social-share/assets/js/KiwiClickToTweet.min.js

    Kiwi version: 2.0.6; Modula 1.3.1; CPO companion 1.0

    The messages disappear when the plugins are deactivated. Also the plugin Yoast SEO appears differently in the messages than before (but does not generate an error, and seems to work).

    The posts in this forum seem to deal with one plugin only, but I face 3, maybe four plugins. I have disabled adblocker for the sire and cleared browser cache, but the problem remains, both in firefox and chrome browsers.

    Perhaps the cause is not in the plugins, but elsewhere? Maybe Javascript?
    I have no idea whether the plugins that do not generate error messages employ JS or not.

    I use CPO Brilliance theme and all plugins are updated. I have reinstalled WordPress and the Brilliance theme to no avail.

    Any ideas where to start unravelling this mystery would be greatly appreciated!

    Failed to load plugin for multiple urls

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