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WordPress fix Erroneneous spam text appearing when view webpage but not in WordPress!

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Azam, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Azam


    Erroneneous spam text appearing when view webpage but not in WordPress!, by Azam

    We have a bizarre issue with the homepage of our WordPress website. In one paragraph it has jumbled up letters in the display.

    A couple of lines in the second paragraph are showing superimposed on top of one another.

    When we highlighted the text to copy and paste, see below, it seems to be all there but not visually. The spammy wording highlighted in bold (see below) is scary!

    I’ve checked the website copy and code and the text advertising GetStrattera, which is hyperlinked to the GetStrattera website (which is a dodgy pharmaceuticals website), doesn’t appear anywhere in WordPress or via Control Panel searches.

    Indeed, the logs show that the text on the homepage hasn’t been changed for three years.

    There has been no hacks into WordPress. Nobody has logged in except me.

    The spammy text advertising GetStrattera.com only appears on selected computers. Can you see it on yours?

    How can we fix this issue please?

    Extract from website:

    “Welcome to Bromptons Solicitors
    When you are faced with a legal issue we are within easy reach and have the necessary expertise and experience to help you resolve it promptly and cost-effectively by listening to you and understanding your concerns and queries.
    I have been using this for three years and GetStrattera helps me. I paid more attention to school. I did not have any side effects, but all drugs can have different consequences for other people.
    Bromptons Solicitors is a commercial and business law practice with expertise in property, litigation, landlord and tenant, wills and probate and other fields. We are based in Kensington with a broad client base in the United Kingdom and internationally.”

    Please see screenshot here showing the spam text appearing on selected computers.

    Erroneneous spam text appearing when view webpage but not in WordPress!

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