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WordPress fix Erased data

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by jim21slim, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. jim21slim


    Erased data, by jim21slim

    it won’t let access “Dashboard” nor will it let me disable “under construction” mode. On my desktop which I have saved to favorites (which should pop up with the wordpress login asking for my user & password) but now looks to be permanently logged in while all my data plug-ins etc. are gone.

    Only the words “Dashboard” “Jetpack” and “profile” read on the left default sidebar [Jetpack is how I contacted “you”] And when I go to “visit site” in the top left corner, it shows under construction mode as if I don’t own the site {not whitelisted as usually to see my site}

    I spent a lot of money for my specific membership/add-on/plug-ins etc. and its basically saying/acting as if I didn’t spend a dime; so even if all my work is erased I can’t do anything to replace it. I’m still looking for ways to “fix” but if ya can’t do anything about either, I gonna have to get my money back. How does something like this happen; how many cases of something like this happened?

    Erased data

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