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WordPress fix Entry Processes and CPU Usage

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Tarahlynn, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Tarahlynn


    Entry Processes and CPU Usage, by Tarahlynn

    Hey guys, well my site went down yesterday giving me a 508 resource limit reached error. It happened right after my host (directnic.com) moved my site to a new server. They warned me they were doing it and they completed the move and yet my site was then down with the 508 resource limit error so I upgraded to Directnic’s highest hosting plan hoping that would fix it. No such luck.
    Currently looking at Cpanel my site is maxing out Entry Processes and CPU Usage, sometimes both at the same time, sometimes one at a time. And sometimes it also maxes out Virtual Memory Usage. I am getting around 500 visitors on my site which is totally normal. Nothing has changed that I can think of except that my host moved me to a different server. Everything is up to date completely.

    This is everything I have done to try and fix this problem:
    Manually reinstalled the newest version of wordpress.
    Deactivated ALL of my plugins.
    Installed and activated the plugin WP Super Cache.
    Ran the plugin WP Authenticity Checker with no problems found and then I deleted the plugin so the only plugin running on my site then was WP Super Cache.
    Deleted all but the theme I am using.
    Via cpanel I compressed the site.
    Via phpmyadmin I repaired and optimized all of my databases.
    I went through my theme with a fine toothed comb and found no problems or malicious anything in the code.
    I just installed and am running a scan with the plugin Exploit Scanner… Nevermind it can’t get a scan done because my site keeps running out of resources.
    Installed the plugin Sucuri and it found no problems then I deleted the plugin.
    I have changed all of my passwords twice over the last day and will probably do it again, that’s my database passwords, ftp passwords, wordpress login passwords and all the other passwords I could think of.
    I did the cron job thing by deleting it in the wordpress files and setting it up in cpanel.
    I have increased memory etc in php.ini and in htaccess and then deleted them both thinking I might have screwed something up etc. and I didn’t screw anything up, I am still sitting here with this problem.

    I want to fix this myself but everything points to this being the fault of my host unless I’m missing something? I have not yet tried removing the ads from my website but I can’t see how a site that was working with no problems two days ago suddenly is using resources like this unless somehow it was hacked and exploited.

    Is there something I haven’t tried?

    Entry Processes and CPU Usage

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