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WordPress fix Downgrading from 4.6.7 to 4.6.3

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by ajia.im, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. ajia.im


    Downgrading from 4.6.7 to 4.6.3, by ajia.im

    I’m trying to downgrade WordPress but I’m having trouble doing so.
    I’ve tried plugin WP Downgrade which didn’t work so I tried to do it manually.
    I disabled all plugins and then removed all files besides wp-content and wp-config and uploaded the ones from the default 4.6.3 install but when I go to login, I actaully login… From what I’ve read it’s suppose to ask my to downgrade my database and this causes issues as it’s not really downgraded.

    I also tried uploading all the files (besides wp-content) from my WordPress backup when it was 4.6.3 but that again logs in and doesn’t downgrade my database…
    I can’t figure out what the issue is? It’s suppose to downgrade my database right?

    Downgrading from 4.6.7 to 4.6.3

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