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WordPress fix Do not redirect to pages with shortlinks

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by volha108, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. volha108


    Do not redirect to pages with shortlinks, by volha108

    My problem is this:
    – automatically create pages of the form /?p= 123 and there is a page with a canonical adress like site.ru/moda/bruki.
    For example:
    – https://shkatulka-krasoty.ru/krasota/uhod-za-volosami/otvar-iz-romashki-dlya-volos-natural.php
    – https://shkatulka-krasoty.ru/?p=123 (the same)
    It turns out that the same content is opened both at the canonical address and on the shortlink and there is no redirection at the same time.
    The result is a double that every article has.
    All that is found on the Internet boils down to the fact that WordPress should redirect such pages automatically, but this does not happen.
    Tell me, please, what can I do in this case?
    I will be very grateful for the answer!!!

    Do not redirect to pages with shortlinks

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