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WordPress fix db_user and wp_user – how does it work?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by hanske72, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. hanske72


    db_user and wp_user – how does it work?, by hanske72

    Problem: Upload and plugin-install-issues

    Server: I have WordPress 4.8.3 installed on my Amazon EC server with Ubuntu.

    Ever since the installation I have ahd issues with user-rights. I am not able to install/update plugins and I cannot upload media.

    I have worked a lot with chown and chmod and have created a whole new user for my wordpress-installation. Included PKK-key for FTP-access.

    Today – what happened was that I set the rights of the upload-folder to 777 and then uploaded content. I then saw that the user of those files was my db_user!?

    There are 4 “users” to a WordPress-installation.
    1. The wordpress-user I use to log in (standard name – admin)
    2. DB-user
    3. Ubuntu-user
    4. www-data (I am not sure this is a user, but the owner of my www is now this….

    In wp-config.php I have set database user to DB-user and FTP-user to Ubuntu-user.

    I have set most files to 755 with www-data:www-data.

    Basically my question is – how does all this work? And who is who? And finally what do I do to make it all OK?

    db_user and wp_user – how does it work?

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