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WordPress fix DB Migration – Result: THIS HAS BEEN DISABLED

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by erikmbush97, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. erikmbush97


    DB Migration – Result: THIS HAS BEEN DISABLED, by erikmbush97

    I’m using XAMPP as a local copy of my site to work out kinks, however I broke my spare copy (XAMPP).

    I put in a copy of my entire DB from my actual site onto XAMPP
    using the ‘wp All-in-one migration’ plugin and once it was done importing
    it displayed a message that i need to reset my permalink settings or something like that. Now everything i press anything or even load any page it results in the following error: “This Has Been Disabled”

    so i don’t even have access to my site just my database.

    it’s probably because i used the “Page Links To” plugin to build my shop page sinces it’s clearly a permalink problem..
    (i also use the redirection plugin and pretty permalinks
    so who knows where the true issue lies)

    Anyone know if there’s a way for me to mess with my permalink structure in my Database? like some php files or something like that so i can manually fix it and possibly/hopefully fix XAMPP? thanks for your time, let me know if i can provide more info.

    DB Migration – Result: THIS HAS BEEN DISABLED

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