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WordPress fix Customising individual pages

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by aboutmyjourney, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. aboutmyjourney


    Customising individual pages, by aboutmyjourney

    I have a 1&1 website with a number of pages, using the theme twenty-sixteen, and I have done some basic customisation using the standard options in the customising panel on the left of my page view (dashboard – pages, select a page,click view, click customise). I now want to use CSS to customise each page separately with its own colour scheme and layout (e.g. different background colours for different pages).

    I am new to website design, but I have learned some CSS basics and I can use the “Additional CSS” option to change the appearance, but it changes the appearance of EVERY page. I have installed the “WP Add Custom CSS” plugin, and it appears in the dashboard menu. However, I can see nothing new in the customisation menus that allows me to customise an individual page. I have read somewhere that there is a checkbox under “screen options” that has to be checked, but I don’t have such a checkbox.

    Can someone help me with how to customise individual pages of my site? Is there an option I am missing? Do I need to put something in the HTML source code for the page?

    Customising individual pages

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