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WordPress fix Custom HTML Widget errors won’t let me save

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by cci89wpxpert, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. cci89wpxpert


    Custom HTML Widget errors won’t let me save, by cci89wpxpert


    I know that topic has been discussed already but still I got a problem with the lastest feature of custom HTML widget.
    It’s now impossible to save the content of the widget if all the errors are not corrected.
    Even minor errors such as a property name containing an upper case letter.
    It creates to me several problems for example with svg. As you guess it I don’t code svg by myself, but now it’s mandatory for me to parse all the svg element to suppress uppercase letters added by inkscape even if it doesn’t affect the way the svg is displayed… And it’s a BIG svg. Boring.
    An other example, the theme I used has a custom post type for my home page which uses widgets. I also use micro datas for my content. That means I can’t open a <div> element within the first Custom HTML widget and close it within the last Custom HTML widget. The widget spot the error and ask me to close the <div> element to be able to save.
    It’s a problem since I also use a recent post plugin that don’t allow me to display it with a shortcode.
    Why not just spot the errors to help and let us save the widget content anyway ?
    Is there a way to disable that feature ?
    Please let me know.


    Custom HTML Widget errors won’t let me save

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