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WordPress fix Current Vulnerability Affecting Thousands of WP Sites?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by rob212, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. rob212


    Current Vulnerability Affecting Thousands of WP Sites?, by rob212

    Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone has any idea what is going on with respect to a hack that seems to be happening globally. When I search on it, I only find thousands of hacked sites, but haven’t been able to find any specific discussions of what is going on. Note, I have all the latest versions of WP and plugins installed, plus iThemes Security and some other security tools running, and I had fairly strong passwords (which I’ve just made stronger). It happened in the past few days. As far as I can tell at at superficial glance, my site is still working okay, but the hackers changed the name of the site in the General Settings to this:

    “Hacked By Legion BOmb3r @error SquaD”

    If you search on that string, you’ll find an endless list of sites appearing. Anyone know anything about it, and where the vulnerability in WP might be? Any advice?

    Current Vulnerability Affecting Thousands of WP Sites?

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