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WordPress fix CSS issues after SSL

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by wpexpertla, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. wpexpertla


    CSS issues after SSL, by wpexpertla

    Hi all. I know WP pretty well but still learning SSL.

    To cut it short, I have 2 sites I did the same thing to:

    Changed over to SSL
    Updated Settings/General/site URL to https
    Search and replaced http:// to https:// in database
    Updated to WP 4.9.4
    Used MiniGo as a landing page

    Site 1: Everything works fine b/c I added forced redirects in wp-config.php file.

    Site 2: Got lazy and added a plugin to simplify SSL instead of updating the config file. That’s where things got messed up. The CSS in my plugins isn’t showing. Tried 2 computer and 4 browsers so don’t think it’s a caching issue. Deactivated all SSL-related plugins and added the forced redirects in the wp-config.php.

    Good news is sites are locked tight with green locks on frontend and backend and no error messages. Bad news is I can’t get the plugins CSS to work now on Wordfence or MiniGo.

    Anyone have a suggestion? Have tried every SSL plugin recommended and all cause more problems and fix none of the existing.

    CSS issues after SSL

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