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WordPress fix Comments not displaying properly in Scrollider Theme

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by lisahorvat, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. lisahorvat


    Comments not displaying properly in Scrollider Theme, by lisahorvat

    Hi there,
    I’d really appreciate someone’s help with this.

    You can scroll down this post’s page to see the issue:

    This is what happens:
    – publish a new post, everything is fine, the box for someone to enter a comment appears properly (http://frankhorvat.com/life-as-a-musician/i-continue-to-surprise-myself/)

    – once the first person leaves a comment the ‘add new’ comment box disappears as does the footer and sidebar. The bottom of the page says there is 1 comment but the comment’s text won’t display. The only way to add more comments in thru the admin

    Steps Taken:
    – I turned off all plugins but the issue persists
    – I changed themes for a minute and the issue resolved itself

    Any thoughts on how to fix this in my theme? Many thanks!

    (Note: this issue has been around for months)

    Comments not displaying properly in Scrollider Theme

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