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WordPress fix Collaborative Plugins?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by gorx, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. gorx


    Collaborative Plugins?, by gorx

    Only posting here as I didn’t see a better place. I might simply have missed it.
    Live chat:
    I want to add a way for people to chat and do like discord or slack or hangouts etc on the website. I’ve used Discord on WOW mostly. Any opinions or guides I might have missed?
    I am not at all fmilliar with Slac. I just tried it a bit yesterday and today. So that’s pretty new to me

    I’m also looking for other kind of colabertive and play-nice and work together kind of plugins, basically to help make a comunity for the website. Meetups similler to meet up.com. Organize and writes up blurbs or articles from how to make Grandpas Realy Great Macaronini and cheese, to so you’re project is going down in flames and exploding in a giant fireball to leave a large crater. Don’t panic. no wories we’ll try to help. In others experience are those wikiesk plugins? or maybie a combination of a question and answer type of plugins, with wiki’s for how to’s and guides like makeuseof

    or Should I try something else?
    Or is this post just about as clear as mud and totally conufused people the type of things I want to to be able to do?

    Collaborative Plugins?

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