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WordPress fix Chrome calendar not showing up

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by kaydeell, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. kaydeell


    Chrome calendar not showing up, by kaydeell

    Hi, I have a problem embedding Google calendar to my webpage:http://ciem.conicet.unc.edu.ar .

    I copy the code to the HTML sidebar and when I go to View, I can actually see the calendar. However, when I try to save or publish or update the changes, the code simply dissapears and nothing shows up on the actual webpage. In fact, WordPress suggests restoring to a security copy because it can actually tell that the page and the code are different. I looked at this thread


    and tried to follow it, but when I tried to paste a similar shortcode, what happens is that the actual code is visible in View, just as it did for the creator of that thread. Only I do have the brackets on.

    I would appreciate some help!

    This is the shortcut I pasted:

    [googleapps domain="www" dir="calendar/embed" query="src=ciem.conicet%40gmail.com&ctz=America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires" width="800" height="600" /]

    Thank you in advance!

    Chrome calendar not showing up

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