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WordPress fix Checksum error updating to v4.9.1

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by robnicholson, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. robnicholson


    Checksum error updating to v4.9.1, by robnicholson

    My client has a pretty basic WordPress site hosted by Fasthosts but the automatic update function has failed the last three times. They’ve had to pay me to do a manual update but this is obviously not a satisfactory long term solution. The fault is always along these lines:

    Download failed.: The checksum of the file (c050871bc7db42cfef4517233ffed2e8) does not match the expected checksum value (23438fafd6093ce84414842cdd714a6b).
    Installation Failed

    Neither of those two checksums match the published MD5 sum of the ZIP file:


    The above is the published MD5 sum and matches the checksum if I download the ZIP manually and checksum it.

    Any suggestions where to start looking? Is it a Fasthosts problem? Why do neither of those checksums in the error message match the published checksum?

    Checksum error updating to v4.9.1

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