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WordPress fix Changed sitename, can’t log in only get error message

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by oreias, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. oreias


    Changed sitename, can’t log in only get error message, by oreias


    I’m having a bad problem here. A friend and I changed the site name on our site a few days ago 19/1). The login site went down and gave me a 404 after that.

    I changed from: http://vardshuslajv.episkalajv.se/wordpress/wp-admin
    to http://PB.episkalajv.se/wordpress/wp-admin

    But nothing works. I also went directly to the login page which works ( http://www.episkalajv.se/wp-login.php ) but all I get when I try to log in is an error message telling me my username is wrong (I’ve tried everything from admin to 3 different e-mail adresses). When I try to re-set my password it says that none of these e-mail exists either?

    I had hoped that this was a problem that would fix itself after a few hours or so since the site name was changed, but it’s still here 4 days later! From what I understand I have to get into my database and fix something but I can’t log in so I can’t even fix anything to be able to log in, because I need to log in to fix the login problem (by reading other similar problem-posts). This is so confusing!

    What do I do and how? I’m not really a computer-wiz so please explain things for a 5 year old or something x)

    Please help! <3

    Changed sitename, can’t log in only get error message

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